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On August 15, 2020, 32 year old Anthony McClain was shot twice in the back by Pasadena Police after fleeing a car stop in which he was a mere passenger in. Pasadena PD has says their officers saw a gun, and other witnesses dispute this saying it was his belt buckle.  Anthony was not in possession of a handgun when he surrendered.  Whether Mr. McClain was in possession of a weapon or not, the execution of Anthony McClain  as he fled was unjustified.

According to the Coroner's report he was shot twice in the back. One bullet to travelled through his right lung and exited from the upper right side of his chest (indicating he was leaning forward not turning around). Anthony's right lung filled with fluid and he died from blood loss after being shot.

Mr. McClain did not get proper first-aid treatment to the large exit wound to his chest, and officers exacerbated his injuries by handcuffing him. This follows the lessons Pasadena PD says they learned and the policies they say they have changed after the killing of unarmed teenager Kendrec McDade.

We encourage police departments to stop handcuffing mortally wounded persons, especially when there are two officers on scene, and provide much needed first-aid instead.
The McClain case was settled for $7.5 million in 2021.